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We are Rixels, a helping company for your IT issues. Feel free to take a look and maybe we'll bring you a great experience too.

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Your own website worry-free
Your own website worry-free
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Take a look at some websites that meet the wishes and requirements of the customer. Made with love and passion by Rixels.

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What makes us different

At Rixels, we love honesty. Many companies overcharge you and don't deliver what you ultimately had in mind. We do this differently. By using the latest technology, we can work quickly and efficiently. In addition, we keep you well informed of the progress so you know what is happening.

You can be assured with us that you will get top quality and it will be delivered quickly.

  • The latest and safest technology
  • You will be kept well informed
  • Nothing is impossible

Because we provide different services, we can also combine them for you. For example, if you have a website created, then we can also create photos that will go well with your website. We also offer hosting with servers specially optimized for Google Web Vitals. In addition, we can also do your SEO (getting found well on google).

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Feel free to ask for a quote and you'll soon see what we can do for you.

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Many Internet companies no longer innovate and continue to reuse their old procedures. Rixels changes quickly and makes sure our work always feels new.

Dave van Luling

Dave van Luling


What we think is important

We are here for you. Satisfaction is most important to us and we will continue until you are 100%.

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