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Rixels works towards efficiency and effectiveness for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies often suffer from slow software. In e-commerce it has even turned out that a webshop with 2 seconds loading time can lose 20% turnover. Efficient and effective software saves you time, labor hours and a higher return.

  • Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Klaassen van Oorschot

    Founder / Design / Full stack developer

    With the latest gadgets and innovations you have to come to me. Technology is my passion. From a young age I was technically minded and this has always been the case. In addition, I find the user experience very important and pay a lot of attention to it. I like to share my passion and I do this with great dedication at Rixels.

  • Dave

    Dave van Luling

    Founder / Marketing analyst / Full stack developer

    A favorite task at work is to analyze and design websites and webshops. The interdisciplinary optics between computer science and business administration makes it a challenging part. In addition, I am very busy with the technological side of SEO. Efficiency and effectiveness include SEO and design well.

    In my spare time I like to read books. Especially classic novels, epics or non-fiction.

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