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6 Reasons to Use a Dashboard for your Company

In This article you will find 6 reasons why you should have a dashboard developed for your company.

The one who has clear insight of his/her company data, will be surprised. Perhaps There is a part of the stock that is no longer marketable, or a department does less well than expected. Finding the required data can be tricky. Dashboards change this. In this article you will find 6 reasons why you should have a dashboard developed for your company.

#1 Clear insight


Dashboards provide a single-glance insight into the main business data that is relevant to a particular purpose or business process. Dashboards ensure a better interpretation of data through visualization, so that information can be communicated as optimally as possible and so that the correct decisions can be made. All data is collected and displayed on one central point, which allows business activity at all departments to become transparent. That makes it easy to quickly make adjustments and measure new results.

#2 One Picture of all the data

In a dashboard you can combine all kinds of information so that you can easily answer all the common questions. Such as: ' What is today's revenue? ', ' How Many visitors have we had today? ' and ' How Much time do people spend on average on a page? '. So, a dashboard is technically your personal web analyst!

Mental health data

Dashboards are ideal for receiving this kind information

#3 Experience

Every digit can come to life. With a real-time dashboard you can see what is happening on your site at any time. Where People are on your site and what they buy or what they are looking at. It is also possible to see your most popular site pages among visitors. You can make use of this information in your marketing. With A (real-time) dashboard You're sure you won't miss any chances.

#4 Shared Responsibility

All employees in a company are responsible for the results visible in the dashboards. However, the results are usually just known to the analysts or entrepreneurs and the results aren’t shared with the rest of the staff. This creates lack of responsibility. A good dashboard makes data easy to understand for every employee. This makes everyone feel more involved in the functioning of the company, which will lead to a better end result.

#5 Reality

A dashboard checks and provides insight into the consequences of your choices. In a dashboard you see whether choices have made for better performance, extra sales or had negative effect. In logistic, can a dashboard give you precise insight of what and when something arrives, what is in stock and when it should arrive. This way you can limit the money getting stuck in your inventory.


#6 Data quality


A dashboard is very important for maintaining data quality. Data serves as an suitable information source for operational, tactical and strategic decision-making. Data must comply with reliability, timeliness, durability, understandability, usability, accountability, relevance and confidentiality. Super important! Fortunately, with a good dashboard, you don't have to worry about it and you can draw the right conclusions based on the data.

Final word

In Short with a dashboard, you see the obstacles within the organization, relevant statistics and growth opportunities. You also have an important aid in decision-making and a dashboard is very timesaving Because no manual reporting is required. A dashboard is truly the way to gain full insight into your company.